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This Is What I Saw Written With Red Ink On The Corona Vaccine -Doctor Owusu Boldly Speaks



Doctor Michael Owusu has come out with what he saw written on the coronavirus vaccine with red ink.

According to him, what he saw is called pharmacological content. It entails almost all the materials used in its preparation as well as its efficacy.

He urged all Ghanaians to patronise the vaccine because it has been approved by world Health organisation and other Health experts all over the world

He added that, there is no way government will get a sub standard product for its citizens.

He was however quick to add that, although some people react differently upon taking drugs or injection, it doesn’t rule out the fact that appropriate drugs work for its purpose.

He added that, what was written on the corona virus vaccine calls for no alarm because its efficacy is guaranteed for use . Doctor Owusu is a frontline worker with the Ghana Health service.

He mostly brief the public on plans by government relating to the vaccines.

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