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BREAKING: Pastor Commits Suicide After Receiving Retirement Letter From Church’s Headquarters

A piece of sad news convened has it that a man of God who has reached retirement committed suicide after receiving a retirement letter from the headquarters of his church.

Though, the cause of his action could not be ascertained as at the time this report was filed.

According to a report sighted on the YouTube channel of OmanChannel, a Ghanaian Pastor whose identity was not given have committed suicide after receiving later from his church’s headquarters concerning his retirement as the head pastor at his church.

It is established that he was the Head Pastor of one Assemblies Of God Church and according to the host of the program who made the news known, the Church do not change head pastors in all the branches of their church but the only time a new pastor will be introduced to the Church’s branch is when the current head pastor dies or reaches his retirement age.

But on the side of the said pastor, he has reached his retirement and a day after he was served the retirement letter, his child return home after leaving the house few hours to see his Dad commit suicide.

However, it not known the exact reason for his death but because the retirement letter was the last shocking thing he might have received, people are suggesting that his retirement may have caused his suicide.

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