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Graphic Video: Rival Tamale Gangs Clash In Sharp Cutlass Fight Over Real Ownership Of ‘K2’ Gang Name

A renewed bitter rivalry between two notorious gangs in the northern regional capital, Tamale, has led to at least 10 members with cutlass injuries.

Members of two rival gangs based in Changli and Dagbondabba Fong all in Tamale Central according to reports, engaged in an open cutlass fight Saturday evening at the Tamale Jubilee Park near the regional Police Headquarters, leading to the injuries.

It is not clear what caused the fight but sources and eyewitnesses at the scene claim, the fight was triggered following a prolonged misunderstanding between leaders of the gangs over who was more qualified to use the nickname “K2”.

For close to two hours, learnt, members of the two gangs butchered one another in the open brawl, bringing all roads around the jubilee park to a standstill as many fled for their lives.

A video posted by an eyewitness, dozens of the gang members are seen advancing towards one another. A loud noise is heard and a scene appeared to show one gang retreating while the other mounts a chase.

“This open cutlass fight involving several children belonging to these factions spread to the passport office area as well as Obiara sitting place, leading to people running helter-skelter for their lives”, one eyewitness said on Facebook.

The source added, “not even the presence of the police headquarters could scare these primary and junior high school children from butchering each other”. gathered that the violence was quelled by a group of local men from the neighborhood who seized several machetes other deadly weapons after attacking the fighting gangs.

The police is yet to comment on the incident.

Gang violence is common in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital.

Between 2017 and 2019, more than seven people were reportedly killed in gang violence in several parts of the town, with most of the death occurring inside the Aboabo and Nyohani forests.


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