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Hot Video: President And His Vice Fighting In Public



President And Vice President Mistakenly Disgraced Themselves By Fighting Each Other In Public 

It was not a good moment and day to know that one of Africa president indulges himself into activity with his vice, that they should not have done it.

According to the report, The Somali President who is called Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and his Vice President who is also called Mahdi Mohamed Guled reportedly threw punches at each other during a press conference.

I now understand why parliamentarians are also involved in fighting in parliamentary houses. Can you imagine people who are supposed to make laws and protect our interest in parliament are now wrestler?

According to the report and information coming from a reliable source, it is obvious that there was a misunderstanding between the president and the vice president which they were not able to resolve or handle and ended up resolving with some punches in a conference, a public one to be precise.

From the report, they have been exchanging unpleasant words on phones before coming to have the meeting. It was so clear and obvious that the words they exchange on the mobile were not enough for them so they had to take it to another level.

If it was left for me alone, these two leaders will have to step down or resign. What do you also suggest?

Watch the video below;

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