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I’m Not Taken The Vaccine Until I Know Its Side Effect – Hannah Bissiw

Dr. Hannah Louisa Bissiw has boldly defended the reason why she will never go for the coronavirus vaccine due to what she saw and heard about the vaccine. 

Dr. Hannah Louisa Bissiw Explained that this is not about politics but she is speaking from her professional point of view as a doctor.

She said all vaccines that she has come across takes time to state all side effects on a sheet. It’s up to the recipient of the vaccine to read and know whether it will be good for him or not.

Unfortunately, when she got hold of the vaccine, she combed through the bottle and container without finding anything of that sort. That is to say, she is not guaranteed of reactions after the vaccine.

She said she can’t play with her life. Until she gets to know even the raw material in preparation of the vaccine she will never and ever take it.

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