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JUST IN: Ban Date Rush Show Now; Nana Akufo Addo And His Government Told

The fire is set on as a call on the President and his government to ban  Popular Date Rush Show has been launched.

A call believes will attract much attention and hard to become a reality.

In recent years, TV3 reality show Date Rush has been the highest rating and viewership in Ghana every Sunday night.

The show which has been organized by the Media General Group, which allows men to pick one from a parade women which they believed to have suited them.

However, a young Ghanaian Economist named Jerom believes the parliament should ban the the reality show which is equivalent to prostitution which is against our culture and bring up laws that make sure such reality show doesn't occur on our television anymore.

According to him, the popular reality show must not be entertained in Ghana since it serves as a negative influence on the mind of viewers.

He tweeted, “Date is not our culture. someone tell Sam George to table a bill banning it.”

This is the picture below,

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