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Man Filmed Using Juju While Standing Closer To A Woman; Shocking Video Drops And Goes Viral -[WATCH VIDEO]

It will shock you to know that our portal has chanced on a video of a man using black magic on a woman in a supermarket.

The footage after hitting online has since gone viral on social media, attracts much attention.

Elsewhere, this kind of act is common and it’s called Mubobobo, where man uses black magic (juju) on a woman of their choice.

In some cases, the woman will even feel that something is wrong with her but cannot figure what it is.

In some cases, the woman does not feel a thing and in other instances, the woman might dream of doing it with her husband but instead, it will be the guy who uses juju just covering with the lady’s husband.

So check the video below, it looks like the lady, in this case, was unaware of what was happening to her.

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