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My Husband Caught His Brother Shaving My P@$$Y And What Happen Next Heartbreaking; Woman Cries Out For Help



Interestingly, a woman has shared a hard to believe story of herself, husband and brother-in-law which left many tongues wagging.

Her story appears shocking as no woman who is level-headed will allow such a thing to happen and also no rightful brother-in-law will do that.

In more detail, a pregnant woman has narrated how she got into trouble with her husband, after she allowed his brother to shave her.

Sharing her story to popular Facebook female platform, FIA, she disclosed that her husband has refused to talk to her since he caught them in the act.

“I’m 28 weeks pregnant and you know how difficult it is to shave down there. I asked hubby to do it for me and he was saying today, tomorrow. So one day, I and my brother in law, older than hubby was talking so he was like he feels for pregnant women and will always pamper his wife when he marries.

So I told him I wish he is my husband. Well to cut it short, he said he could help me shave so I agreed since he’s my husband’s blood. No difference at all. He shaved my armpit and when he was shaving my p****, my husband came in. I tried to explain but he don’t want to listen. What should I do ma. I will be 27 in April. My in law is 39″, she wrote.



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