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#OUESTOFTHEDAY: Is It Polite For A Guy To Borrow Money From A Lady?



A British Etiquette Expert with the Twitter account name @TheRoyalButler has said that it is inappropriate for a man to borrow money from a lady.

Well, we don’t know what triggered this man to make such a statement online but I’m sure if he should give it a second thought, he would trash this statement.

In most cases, it has always been the responsibility of a man to be giving money out to ladies but don’t you think a woman can also extend a helping hand to a man in his times of need?

As long as the lady has the means to help and is willing to do so, she can do that for any man. Although most times guys are shy to ask ladies for money I think if this is based on equality, both genders can help each other reach their goals.

See the screenshot below:


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