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Residents Smash Bottle On Electric Staff’s Head For Disconnecting Light After 3 Weeks Of Total Black Out



Residents of a Lagos community have reportedly assaulted a staff of Ikeja Electric in the line of his duty. A video making the rounds on social media shows a man with deep cuts in his head being stitched up by medical personnel.

According to Twitter user, @Nigeriangod_, who posted the video, residents of the community where the IKEDC staff was disconnecting electricity of bills defaulters attacked him with bottles due to three weeks power outage in the area.

In the video, the man could be seen bleeding and groaning in pain as his head bruises get attended to. Twitter user who shared the video asked his followers if it was deserving or undeserving to attack the Power distribution company staff for a power outage?

He tweeted; “Bottles was smashed on a staff of ikeja Electricity staff that came to disconnect light in a community that have no light for the past 3weeks. Well deserved punishment or undeserving???”

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