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REVEALED: The Main Reason Of The Fight Between Knust’s Conti And Katanga (VIDEO)



News reaching Fillabase indicates that a brawl occurred last night at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science & Technology (KNUST) leaving some students injured.

According to sources at the KNUST, a guy was wearing a Conti (Hostel) t-shirt, and decided to pass Katanga Hostel to his own hostel in Brunei, so on his way going, he came across a Katanga boys who were already going to Conti for a fight.

It was then reported that the boys then beat the guy and even sprayed a pepe spray on his eyes, and the Conti boys got the hint of the incident as they also went to fight back in which someone called the police to be present at the incident.

The Report claims that a lot of students have been injured during the incident.

Watch a video at the time the police arrived below;

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