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See Cardi B’s Reaction When She Was Accused Of Corrupting Youths With Her Video



Without doubt, a lot of people who come across pictures or video of American Singer, Cardi B would have lot of things to say about her moral upkeep, many would have sliced her in pieces and criticize her personality for been a very soft person who lives a kind of immoral life. Her dressings most times always reveal sensitive part of her body and she doesn’t care or give a damn about others view.

However, she did something recently and what she did caught the attention of some of her critiques. Cardi B was caught on camera as she listened and watched her WAP video in which she featured Megan Stallion, when it was been displayed after the Grammy show organized recently. What really caught the attention of people was her reaction when her little Daughter, Kulture came in while the show was on, immediately Cardi B noticed Kulture behind her, she quickly turned of her phone, so that the little girl won’t see what’s been displayed.

When a twitter user saw this Video, he decided to post and condemned Cardi B for making such video for youths and the public, when she clearly knows how corrupt it can be on young people, this twitter user condemned Cardi B and said she’s intentionally doing such video to corrupt young minds who view the Video. However, Cardi B replied her and said that, Grammy is a show that needs to be watched by adult and if by any means Children will view it, it’s should be under the guidance and watch of their Parents, she said the Parent of the Kids Watching the WAP show could have done what she did and stop their Kids from viewing the show at the end of the Grammy award presentation.

What she said and did shows how morally updated she is as a mother. She doesn’t want her daughter to be a bad girl and did the right thing to guide her from viewing adult rated contents. What she said caused controversies in her comment section and many disagreed to her opinion while others felt she doesn’t deserve any criticism or hate for her action.


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