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SHOCKING Effects Of Watching P()Rn()Gr@Phy Films Which You Never Knew

P()rn()graphy can be loosely defined as the representation of s#xu@l behaviour in photographs, statues, books, film, and other media in a way intended to stimulate s#xu@l arousal.

Since the explicit graffiti of Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, P0rngraphy has been a normal aspect of human life reflecting the sexual attitudes of the time.

Not only did Ancient India give us the Kama Sutra, Ancient works regularly showed fellatio, cunnilingus, threesomes, and h0m0s3xuality.

In addition, P0rn in Ancient times especially in Rome could be used as Satire to make a Political Statement against the Ruling class.

In Ancient Japan erotica was also part of mainstream culture, and it was used to provide sex education to health professionals, Court Officials, and married couples.

The development of Printing in Europe enabled the production of erotic novels from as early as the 1600s with mainstream Pornographic works such as Fanny Hill being a staple of the 1700s.

At this time Pornography continued as a tool of Peasant Political Protest where it was used to criticize the life of excess and privilege enjoyed by the Nobility. The genre continued to evolve into serialized erotic novels, short stories and explicit Poetry.

In the 1800s, the invention of Photography led to the appearance of Photographic P0rn followed by the Stag Video P0rn of the early 1900s which would eventually explode into a major industry in the 1960s and 1970s owing to lower productions costs and the arrival of VHS Tapes which made Porn more accessible for people to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.

Effects Of Modern P0rn
Today P0rn has become even more ubiqitous in the digital era where it accounts for 25% of all Internet traffic.

However, in the modern porn agenda concerns have emerged over a particular form of extreme P0rn which some argue distorts human s.exuality, causes addiction and promotes misogyny.

The P0rn0graphy Conspiracy explores the harmful effects of modern P0rn as the controversy around P0rn Agenda rages on as it always has.

One thing for is for sure, P0rn has not only always been a constant companion, its style will probably also continue to evolve along with tastes of the day.



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