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SHS Pupils Causes Massive Stir On The Internet After Their Video Of First Year Student Undergoing The “Atopa Gyei” Punishment Went Viral [HOT VIDEO] ]



SHS Pupils Causes Massive Stir On The Internet After Their Video Of First Year Student Undergoing The “Atopa Gyei” Punishment Went Viral 

In a viral video which saw Seniors of a yet-to-be-identified school in Ghana, hailing and cheering up for a form one boy who was punished in the open to do the “atopa gyei” punishment.

Seeing this video gives me memories of days at the boarding school, anyone who has been a boarder at any boarding school in Ghana can relate to this video. To our Day-students who might have missed the fun, the “atopa gyei” punishment is a form of punishment, mostly given to juniors or first year students in boarding schools in Ghana.

Failure to do this punishment attracts some serious lashes and extra punishments from the seniors who punished you. This is the nature of the punishment, the junior will lay his bed on the floor and will be made to bonk his pillow. If it’s well executed, you become every seniors favorite, if it’s well executed you are dead. This form of punishment is only common in Boys schools.

However, in the said video in this article, a junior who was spotted exciting this form of punishment showed the seniors how it’s really done. In the video, the 1st year student could be seen surrounded by seniors who were holding belts, ready to lash the soul out of him if he fails.

From the start, this junior was acting up all shy and acted as if he doesn’t know how to do it, at that he received some lashes before one senior demonstrated the “atopa gyei” punishment to him. The hilarious part is this punishment come with a song so you must bonk the pillow with the rhythm.

Immediately after the demonstration, this junior grabbed the pillow and started bonking it. He blew the senior minds by even adding more spice by spanking the pillow as if it was a lady lying in front of him. This punishment is mostly done within the dormitories to hide it from teachers, but this first year student was brought to the open for the entire school to see.

The entire school being stunned started shouting and hailing to him for executing the “atopa gyei” punishment incredibly. This punishment is fun and hilarious but can turn really violence if the junior refuses to do it. If there are ten seniors supervising you , each of them will give you at least 5 belt lashes each, sometimes they will continue hitting you till you cry.


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