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There Is Gay Practice in Jubilee House; I am Loosing My Husband To Top Official There; Nurse Boldly Speaks and Drops Dirty Secrets -WATCH VIDEO



The emerged revelation has left many Ghanaians wondering as they talking unceasingly.

Per the footage going viral on the information superhighway puts jubilee house in an unpleasant light which some citizens not pleased with.

According to report a Ghanaian nurse who is losing her husband to a politician has reached out to Angel Fm with her marital issues.

From the letter she wrote to the morning show, she indicated that her husband lost his job during the COVID period because the IT man he was working for, left for his country after Ghana recorded it first case.

She reached out to politicians she knows to get her husband job but none of them helped.

Somewhere in December, her husband met a politician by himself but he promised him a job at the Jubilee House on condition that he will be his gay partner.

According to the nurse, the husband accepted the offer because he hates seeing her suffer.

One day she peeped into the phone of her husband only to be shocked by the chats he’s been having with this male politician.

According to the nurse, this politician is convincing her husband to divorce her so he can have more time with him.


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