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TRENDING VIDEO: Obinim In Trouble As He Confesses How He Stole Money From World Bank



Founder of the International Gods Way Church Angel Daniel Obinim has indicated that he usually goes to the world Bank to steal money spiritually.

The man who claims to be an Angel and visits people in their dreams at one of the services in his church explained how he flies across the globe while people are asleep.

He indicated that in one of his usual strolls across the globe at night, he went to the world bank in Switzerland.

Upon his arrival, he entered the bank safe, and to his amazement, there was a lot of money stashed in there.

Angel Obinim indicated that he packed several currencies and bolted with the money from the safe of the World Bank without security identifying that anyone was in the building.

This was met with uproar from church members who hailed their Pastor for the heroics and confidence used in stealing money from the bank.


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