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BREAKING: Chelsea Will No Longer Take Part In A Breakaway European Super League (Videos)



Chelsea are now preparing documentation to request withdrawing from the ESL.

The Chelsea fans who were protesting the 'European Super League' have moved away from Stamford Bridge following Petr Cech pleading with fans.

Chelsea fans just beat Florentino Perez. Wow!

Sum up your emotions, Blues.

It has come to a notice that Chelsea are pulling out of the ESL. Petr Cech was there witnessing the protests.

This is a win for the fans. The club should never have joined the ESL in the first place.

To every #Chelsea fan 👏

Roman Abramovich decided #Chelsea could not go ahead with joining the ESL and, together with the board, he gave the green light for the club to start preparing documentation to pull out.


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