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Delay On Date Rush Next Week? It Will Be A Surprise



Yesterday on the delay show which is always hosted by one beautiful lady by the name Delores Frimpong Manso.

Delay has been interviewing many classes of people on her show and yesterday was another session of the show which she hosted another television personality.

The name of the guest was Anita Akuffo who is also one of the most beautiful journalists in Ghana now.

Anita is part of the crew of one popular program on TV3 which is also hosted every Sunday.

Anita is always seen backstage asking the ladies and the guys questions as to whether they get a date or not.

Delay asked her that is it a serious programme or they are just playing she answered that is a serious one of course.

Delay then told her that she wants to be part so that she also gets a date. Anita without hesitating said yes she can come and she promises she will get a date.


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