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Family Of George Floyd Breaks Into Celebration As Court Announces Verdict (VIDEO)



The family of the late George Floyd broke into an emotional celebration as ex-police officer Derek Chauvin’s verdict over their kin’s murder was announced.

Chauvin was charged with choking the life out of Floyd on May 25, 2020, in the full glare of cameras.

After a 10-hour deliberation by a jury of 12, the court found him guilty on all three charges, two of murder and one of manslaughter.

A video has emerged of the family as they watched the live proceedings on TV, specifically the exact moment the final verdicts were announced.

Donned in black tops written ‘Justice for George Floyd,’ the family members celebrated and hugged each other emotionally.


Their reactions were testament that justice had been served in a case that attracted global attention and uprising under the Black Lives Matter movement.

Speaking to the media after the sentencing, Floyd’s brother Philonise was full of praise for the jury that handled the case.

“Justice for George means freedom for all,” he said.

Chauvin’s verdict was read on Thursday, April 21, at the Hennepin County Court and streamed on different channels around the world.

Other internationally celebrated personalities who have added voice to the historic ruling include former US President Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle as well as media personality Oprah Winfrey.

“Today, a jury did the right thing. But true justice requires much more. Michelle and I send our prayers to the Floyd family, and we stand with all those who are committed to guaranteeing every American the full measure of justice that George and so many others have been denied,” wrote Obama.

“Relieved and emotional in ways I did not expect. I cried tears of joy as each verdict was read. I am grateful to the witnesses and their testimonies,” said Oprah.


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