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Good News To Chelsea Fans Ahead Their Champions League Semi-Final Clash With Real Madrid



Here is good news to all Chelsea fans as they have received a boost ahead of their Champions League Semi-final clash with the Spanish giant.

Chelsea have for first time now in almost seven years now qualified for champions league semis. Something which both Sarr, Lampard, Conte and Jose Mourinho failed to achieve. Since 2014 as they were managers of the blues.

Now with champions league silverware within reach. For the German tactician as the Chelsea manager. Something which he also had failed to achieve as head coach at PSG. Now things look all bright in the blue side of north London.

And now to some good news and premier league. Has now opened doors for some clubs to welcome back there 25% fans or 10,000. Depending which is lower, in there last premier league matches.

Both Palace,Chelsea and Spurs have the advantage. To welcome the fans to there respective Stadiums, according to Which has gone ahead to state that as per press Association.

The 37th round of premier league fixtures will be moved back. From the weekend of May 15th to midweek over May 18th and 19th. The day after the third step of the, Government’s Coronavirus roadmap is scheduled to take place.

welcome 10,000 spectators against Leicester City. However it’s not that good news to Chelsea fans. Considering these doesn’t have any effect, on champions league football. And will as well play FA Cup against Manchester City and Real Madrid without fans.

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