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“I Made Him Kneel Down In The Hot Sun For Hours When His Bedroom Video Came Out”- Afia Schwar Speaks On How He Punished His Son (Video)



Afia Schwar has spoken of her relationship with her children once more.

She believes that she is not a permissive mother and that she maintains that they are punished if they misbehave.

Schwar revealed that after bedroom images of one of her twin boys and his girl went viral a few weeks ago, she called him and the girl to meet with them.

She claims she made it a point to chastise him for sharing such a video on the internet.

When the second came out, she claims she left her son kneeling in the bright sun at a gas station for hours.

She acknowledges that her sons are womanizers and that she has sacked a number of girls from them, claiming that this isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

Afia appears to have disciplined and treated her children well.

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