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I Need A New Husband, I Divorced My Husband Because I Don't Him Again – AidaBeauty



A young lady has cried out for a new husband on social media on social media as she details why she divorced her husband.

According to this woman, Aida @AidaBeauty, she divorced her former husband recently because the old man always comes home drunk.

She also reveals that although her former husband was very rich, she was not happy in the relationship because the man will always beat her.

In a viral post noted, Aida cried out that he now wants a husband who does not drink or smoke.

Also, she wants one who will pamper her and not beat her.

“I divorced my husband because he always beat me up. He always comes home drunk and will beat me like his child.
Although he is rich, I think I have had enough of his beatings and now I want a new husband. I want one who would now beat me or drink every time..

Contact me on Instagram, if you are the kind of man.”, Aida noted in her message which is currently making rounds on social media.

Check out a screenshot of her post below

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