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I Stopped Bed Wetting At Age 18 – Akrobeto Shares His Bed Wetting Story (WATCH)



Legendary and veteran actor Akrobeto, has shared his story of bedwetting and has revealed the age at which he stopped and how.

Bed wetting in adults is quite a shame and unpleasant for people who do it, and it causes a lot of unhappy moments for them.

Veteran actor Akrobeto, in a recent video has shared his bed wetting story which could go a long way to motivate a few others.

He said he stopped bed wetting at the age of 18, when he went to Apostle Kojo Safo as a son. He revealed that, that very night he was scared to go to bed because he knows he was going to wet the bed if he sleeps.

After hours of hanging around, Apostles Kojo Safo came to him and asked him why he was not sleeping and he told him to go and sleep and shouldn’t worry, and that they will dry the mattress if he sets it and even an older woman was there who was still bed wetting.

He said from that night the bed wetting vanished and he it has never happened again since that day.

Video below;


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