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JUST IN: Chelsea Could Still Be Punished By Fellow PL Clubs Despite Leaving The ESL



Chelsea might face sanctions for their European Super League involvement if other Premier League clubs do push for punishments.

According to Sky Sports, a senior club official had told them that they wanted penalties to be awarded to the ‘Big Six’ who were involved in this competition.

They believed it was a clear breach of rules and the only way to prevent future breakaways was to induce sentences

However, another top flight executive said that restrictions such as point deductions or fines would only damage the fans, players or managers, rather than the people at fault.It was confirmed today that the half dozen English teams had withdrawn from the plans, with Chelsea and Manchester City first to do so.

This was a major U-turn, having only announced their projections for such an exclusive project a few days ago.Even if no physical punishments are handed out, the emotional and reputational damage has already been done.

Owners of the 12 teams will struggle to scrape back any credibility they might have possessed.Blues chairman Bruce Buck has taken a lot of flack for his part in the Super League planning, but supporters haven’t forgotten about Roman Abramovich either.


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