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Kwadwo Sheldon Strikes On Medikal Again, Exp0ses Him For Lying About His Age (Watch Video)

Kwadwo Sheldon, one of Ghana’s finest YouTubers, strikes on Medikal once again.

Not long ago, the two were in a fierce feud all because of the ‘Grammy wahala’ where Medikal addressed the issue and threw some shots at Sheldon.

Yesterday the rapper celebrated his birthday and in his posts, disclosed his age, saying he was 27 today.

Kwadwo Sheldon after seeing this post, did his own research and realized there were some irregularities regarding his age.

According to an article in 2017, Medikal was 25 then which means he would have been 31 now and also his age on the internet says 28.

This got the content creator confused, and then did a video to quiz about the whole issue, exposing Medikal about his age.

Video below;

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