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Meet The Ghanaian Nurse Who Looks Just Like Jackie Appiah (Photos)



Jackie Appiah, a famous Ghanaian actress, appears to have a significant number of copies. Both in Ghana as well as in other countries

Jackie is a well-known Ghanaian entertainer and one of Africa’s most glamorous screen goddesses. She has won admiration and love from others as a result of her hard work and assurance. She has received a variety of distinctions and awards. She is one of Ghana’s most unobtrusive entertainers, and many young people love her.

Reggie Makeover is the Instagram handle of the lady who looks like her. She works as a make-up artist and a nurse. 

She is a multi-award-winning make-up artist. She has been able to fly to new countries and encounter amazing people as a result of her perseverance and confidence. On Instagram, she has 174k followers

Below is are pictures of their resemblance;

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