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Thomas Tuchel Breaks Another Sensational Record Set by Roberto Di Matteo




“Something is cooking the Roberto Di Matteo era might just repeat itself” a quote by a Twitter user.

Thomas Tuchel ever since appointed as Chelsea boss has turned himself into a “Reaper” winning teams by a goal or two margins and moulding a Defensive line that was once termed porous under former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard till West Brom happened 🥱 let’s forget about that incident and talk on the record he just broke.


Thomas Tuchel is the 2nd Chelsea manager to win his first three UCL knockout games at the club since the Roberto Di Matteo era where he won the most prized club trophy (the UEFA champions league).


Luckily Chelsea was beaten by the same Westbrook that destroyed Chelsea with a 5 goal thriller recently although the Roberto Di Matteo team wasn’t beaten that bad.


All indications point to Tuchel winning silverware for Chelsea this season but would it turn out to be the champions league 🤷.

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