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Truth Behind Sarkodie Deleting His Instagram Posts Plus Secrets On His Last Hip Hop Album (WATCH)



Rapper Sarkodie shocked his followers on Instagram deleting all his posts except two.

Many have proposed theories as to why he took that action but relax, we have the full Gist here.

A video that we have spotted online has given flesh to the rapper’s actions.

Long Stories Short, Sarkodie is about to release his last Hip hop album before he hangs his boots for a higher purpose.

In the video, Sarkodie said he was working on a very important album which sampled different sounds.

When you look at the two posts left on his page, one has images of Iconic Rapper Giggs from his trip to the states- cementing facts that he is working with top notch acts on his album.

Now to the part of the higher purpose- Sarkodie echoed in the last part of the video that he wants to ease himself into serving God’s purpose but he wouldn’t call it gospel.

The other post left on his page also talks about staying true to one’s purpose.

So there you have it!! Fans should anticipate some fire from the rapper then a total switch to something different.

Watch the video below for more;

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