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UEFA Could Ban Chelsea, Man City, Madrid And Crowns PSG Champions League Winner



The Champions League this season may be going through a storm and a big surprise is waiting to happen if the threat is finally carried out.

Tensions are swirling around world football at the moment after the announcement made yesterday by various clubs. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Ac Milan, Tottenham are all reported to have accepted an invitation to join a newly created Super league where all the big names from Europe’s top 5 league will be competing against each other in a UEFA Champions league format competition.

The teams will take on each other every midweek, then the winner will be crowned at the end of the season. This report has led to reactions by FIFA and UEFA, the latter particularly not impressed with the idea and have temporarily suspended the ongoing Champions League semifinals.

This was done by UEFA because 3 of the 4 teams playing the semifinals are all part of the founding teams of the Super league. Fiorentino Perez is the man pushing for this competition to be formed and has reported told clubs that he wants the competition started as early as this August.

FIFA and UEFA have listed out the penalties all these clubs could face, amongst them, their players getting banned from representing their national teams and the clubs getting banned from the champions league.

With the Champions league now suspended, Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid Dan’s face an anxious wait to see what will become the fate of their respective clubs. If UEFA happens to end the champions league today, PSG will be crowned champions by default. Mind you I used the word ‘If’, because at this stage, UEFA will hold a meeting and this could be the outcome. UEFA feels disrespected and could go as far as sueing these clubs to court soon if they don’t back down from their plans.

Fans are not happy at all, and have condemned these actions from the big clubs. But if what I said above happens today and the Champions league is not resumed, PSG will be champions and there is every likelihood that Chelsea, Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, City, Juventus will not be in the Champions league next season. (Could’ve mentioned Arsenal but you know, ban or not, next season’s Champions league is not for them).


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