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Yawa Video: Man Runs Away For A Dog To Attack His Girlfriend



In a relationship, men are thought to be the protectors. Even brothers are guardians of their mothers and wives.

They will go beyond and beyond to protect them and defeat every adversary. This man, on the other hand, had Twitter in stitches after deciding not to defend his girlfriend from a bull.

The black dog, who resembled a pitbull, dashed down the driveway, becoming aggressive and ready to strike.

Rather, he decided to defend himself and his life by fleeing, abandoning his girlfriend to her fate.

Most people, men in particular, immediately stated that they would do the same if they were in the same position.

They claimed that women want equal rights and to be self-sufficient such that they are no longer entitled to protect them.

Someone defended the man, claiming that he might go fetch a stick and then return.

In such cases, it seems that each man is on his own. In a more critical point, would you have stood and resisted or fled?

Have a look at the hilarious responses below;

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