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Zinedine Zidane’s Pre Liverpool Press Conference


Zinedine Zidane’s pre-Liverpool press conference.

Zidane on signing Mo Salah for Madrid:⁣

"Since he's not our player, I'm not going to get into that. Salah's not our player either, all I'm interested in is tomorrow." 


Zidane on LFC:⁣

"It's a complete team. It is a very strong and very solid set and when it comes to playing as a team it is very good, there is not a single point in particular, although yes, the three strikers are very good." ⁣

Zidane on Jurgen Klopp:⁣

"He's a great coach. He has the experience and the work he has done. Everyone has their way. I looked at all the technicians and saw a lot of things about him when he was doing the course. I'm not going to copy him but you learn and I learned from him."⁣

Zidane on Kyiv in 2018:⁣

"We don't think about the past, we have to live now."

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