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4 Real Madrid Super Stars Unlikely To Start The 2nd Leg Tie Against Chelsea (WATCH)



Who wouldn’t expect the second leg tie between chelsea and Manchester City to be a juicy one if these Real Madrid super stars are unlikely to start the match.

It would mean many of spaces to explore for Chelsea as they would aim to take advantage of the first half and possibly win the game before half time.

Eden Hazard

The Real Madrid superstar who just recovered from a long term Injury and played a part in the first leg against Chelsea night not start in the second leg but would certainly be available in the squad list.

Tuchel would certainly not want to see his side face the belgian in the first half as he would want to benefit from Real Madrid's less dense squad in the first half.

Raphael Varane

The Frenchman due to an Injury (a knock) would not start the game

Sergio ramos

Despite the media hype on about Sergio ramos starting the game we are likely to see a Deer millitao and Nacho backline in the first half.


The Brazilian sensational winger would not start the first half due to his inexperience in such competition asensio is more likely to start.

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