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Abena Korkor Twerks Naket In Latest Video Dancing To Kidi’s Song (WATCH)

Abena Korkor has once again dropped a twerking video that sees her almost n@k3t as she dances to Kidi’s new song. 

She is heard talking about waking up every morning and loving the person that she has gradually become.

She even shared a lengthy post about how she feels beautiful and conformable in her skin:

“On a journey and it’s a beautiful one. Showing my skin doesn’t take away my intelligence or industriousness.

Doing doesn’t make me a shame to myself, my family, or my community. It doesn’t give permission to you to verbally abuse me or to treat me unfairly or with disrespect.

I don’t need you to constantly remind me of my relapses or to forever label my actions as symptoms of my diagnosis.

I lived a long life ashamed of my traits and it has retarded my progress because at every stage I want to impress someone to fit in but fitting in is not for me.

I believe I have a niche to fill and will exactly that with or without your support.” 

Check out the video below;

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