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“If I Don’t Get Rich By August, I’ll Be In Blue Film"– Beautiful Ghanaian Lady (PHOTOS)



If her financial condition does not improve by August, a Ghanaian lady has declared her intention to join the lucrative blue film industry.

Kokobabe, who tweets as [@loviass], hopes that joining the blue film industry and playing such positions would undoubtedly net her a lot of money and make her wealthy in a short period of time.

With the introduction of Onlyfans, a website where fans are paid to watch intimate videos of blue film stars and hookup queens, this lady now has an easy way to get started.

According to recent figures, the blue film industry is one of the most profitable in the world, and blue film websites are the most popular on the internet.

All factors add up to the amount of money earned by actors and actresses who perform adult fantasy roles.

Kokobabe agrees that opting for poverty while there are other options for her to make money, such as p0rn acting, is not a good choice. If her financial situation does not change, she will follow the long route…the long road to being a blue film star.

See her post below;

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