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Man City And Chelsea Fans Injured In Heavy Clashes With Riot Cops In Porto Ahead Of UCL Final



Manchester City and Chelsea fans were injured in bloody clashes with riot cops in Porto ahead of Champions League Final on Saturday.

Manchester City and Chelsea fans have been injured in clashes with police in Porto before the Champions League Final reports The Sun.

Hundreds of football fans are already in Porto for Saturday’s Manchester City’s Champions League final clash against Chelsea.

Trouble flared after United lost on penalties

A football fan was seen covered in blood credit

Riot police had to disperse brawling English football fans after a second night of violence as staff closed pubs and bars due to Covid-19 restrictions.

A number of fans were not aware of the strict 10.30 pm drinking curfew to prevent the spread of the virus, reports the Mirror.

People were reportedly involved in clashes with the Portuguese police.

Two people were reportedly injured after skirmishes near Porto’s Sao Bento railway station and in the city’s popular riverside quarter known as the Ribeira while a Chelsea fan was spotted drenched in blood.

One fan said: “It was pretty minor – some people wanted another drink and the police were determined to move people on and back to their hotels.

“There was no trouble between Chelsea and City fans.”

Police confirmed one man had been taken to Santo Antonio Hospital following an incident near the station around 10 pm local time last night/on Thursday night.

The second incident occurred around half an hour later.

Brawling broke out near a station last night Baton-wielding officers were filmed dispersing a small group of brawling yobs in the first skirmish.

Trouble is said to have flared after Manchester City fans started taunting holidaying Manchester United fans whose team had just gone out on penalties to Spanish side Villarreal in the Europa League final.

Cilty fans had been on their way to today’s European clash with Chelsea in Porto, Portugal, were in the resort of Albufeira.

Meanwhile, United fans holidaying there had gathered in bars to watch their team on TV in Wednesday’s Europa League Final.

Fighting broke out after United lost on penalties to Villarreal — and City fans celebrated wildly.

An eyewitness said: “That set off pushing and shoving followed by fighting in the street.

“Riot police had to wade in with batons to break it up.”



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