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N’golo Kante Reveals How He Plans On Brutally Silencing Manchester City Attack In The Final



N’golo Kante has his plans on stopping Manchester city attack in the UCL final as he aims on adding the trophy to his career collection.

While he has effectively been able to stop the likes of Mahrez two times this season he believes it would take something extra silencing City fearsome attack in the UCL final.

N’Golo Kante on facing Riyad Mahrez in the UCLFinal;

“We’ve spoken about it. We both realise that it’s exceptional. It’s taken a lot of work from before being in Ligue 2 until now, and a lot of perseverance on the pitch and in training.”

“So to be playing a match like this is fantastic. But we both want to win, so we won’t be friendly on the pitch. I hope it works out for me, and he’s hoping it’ll work out for him, of course!”

They both played as team mates back then at Leicester city and collectively won the club first ever League trophy. On 29th the would face themselves as opponents as they aim to win their sides the most prized trophy in club football the UEFA champions league.

Fans Opinions

·         This match has everything to do with the midfield that’s all I’m not worried about Mahrez and Co… Apart from the Chelsea forward having to be on their best once service is limited to and From KDB there’s nothing City will play they will be out it ideas except the long balls


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