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Tuchel Names Favorite Clubs To Make Top Four As Chelsea, Liverpool And Leicester Go For Battle



Thomas Tuchel has revealed the names of favourite clubs to join Manchester City and Manchester United in the English Premier League top four this season.

Chelsea coach, believes Liverpool and Leicester City are on the driving sit to finish above his team in the fight for top-four.

Tuchel made this known in a press conference ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash against Aston Villa, the last for the season.

Recall that a victory for the Blues will automatically seal qualification for next season’s UEFA Champions League ahead of Liverpool and Leicester City.

“It’s a completely different set-up – an away game with away fans against a strong Aston Villa side who play without any pressure. So it’s a very big challenge but we’re up for it.

“The supporters will have the same affect for their side. It’s an advantage for them, it makes things absolutely more difficult, no doubt about it, but it’s so much nicer and such a different game to play with spectators.

“We know that it increases the challenge, increases the adversity but we are here to step up. We have it in our hands and we want to do it until the very end.”

It isn’t lost on him that Liverpool and Leicester will also have their fans backing them in these crucial games as they play at home on Sunday too, but Tuchel has no complaints after the role our fantastic support played in victory over the Foxes.

“In terms of having fans they clearly have an advantage, but in terms of points I think they would like to change with us. It was a strange situation to have no fans so everyone was very happy to have fans back for the last two matches and then it’s equal, you have one home and one away match. It makes things more difficult but it’s just an obstacle to overcome.”


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