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Check What Mason Mount Told His Dad After Winning Champions League With Chelsea



There is no greater feeling as a Father than to witness your child fulfilling his or her childhood dream at a very young age. For Tony Mount, father of Chelsea’s 22 year-old English super star player Mason Mount, there could be no greater feeling on earth than the one on the night of the 29th of May 2021.

Watching on from the stands, Tony witnessed his son deliver an incredible performance and assist for the solitary goal that handed Chelsea their second ever Uefa Champions League trophy. Remember before the FA cup final loss to Leicester, Mason told the media that his Dad asked him to show the Chelsea players last year’s FA cup runner-up medal as motivation to do better than last year in the cup final but unfortunately, the blues failed. A disappointment for Tony, Mason and the whole of Chelsea.

But it was redemption night for them on the 29th of May as they beat Manchester City to become the new Champions of European football, a title that is more than deserving after what was an incredible campaign.

Mount who won Chelsea’s player of the year award for the year 2020/2021 has been a Chelsea boy since he was just a little kid and on that night he achieved something incredible and could not hold back his tears as his dad came down to the pitch after full time.

Speaking to The Byline Podcast, Mount’s Dad revealed what his son told him after that incredible win.

“When we were on the pitch after the game, I grabbed him by his ears I think and I just said, “you’ve won it, you’ve won the Champions League! Can you believe it?”

He just went, “yeah, I’m going to win the Premier League now”.

“I’m like, ‘enjoy this one’, but he’s like,” I am but I’m going to win the Premier League, we’re going to win the Premier League”. I’m like, “yeah I agree, I think you will”.

It’s unbelievable and that’s why I’m saying, “Mason, enjoy this, suck it all in, go and give something back to the fans”.

“We will think about winning the Premier League pre-season but that’s Mason you know. He’s won the Champions League now, he wants to win the Premier League.”

Every Chelsea fan reading this couldn’t be prouder to have a player like Mason Mount in the team. His mentality is fantastic. Already thinking about the next trophy to win immediately after winning the biggest trophy in club football is not something many people will be thinking about in that moment.

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