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H0t Video : Big Akwess Revealed How His Mother Used Juju To K!LL His Father and Took Over Properties


Big Akwess surprisingly, has finally, let the cat out from the bag, and has revealed how his mother mu*dered his father with Juju and took over all the properties


“My father took my mother to see the big house he has built, he was operating a clinic in the house, he told my mother when he passed on she should take over all the properties, immediately my mother heard that he travelled to Nkoranza with the driver to see a powerful priest, he was the driver of my Dad, his uncle f! red gunshot spiritually which the driver was a witnessed to that,” he said.

Big Akwess revealed that immediately the mother and the driver returned from the trip, his Dad started Vomiting blood

“When they returned from the trip, a month time, my Dad started Vomiting blood, my mother refused to send him to the hospital with the excuse that she had bought some medicines for him” he explained

He further told how he jumped the walls of the house to fetch a Doctor but his mother refused them entry to the house.

“When the sickness became serious, I went to call a family doctor, but my mother refused us entry ”

He noted that his father’s body was conveyed in a Taxi though his Dad was wealthy and well to do, he explained how his mother took over all the properties and wanted to k!ll the driver to avoid others from hearing her evil deeds but the driver ran away.

According to Big Akwess, he left his mum after the driver had told him the whole story and promised not to return to her again.

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