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Breaking: Chelsea Give Timo Werner Ultimatum Amid Exit Rumors

Chelsea could see their 1-season-old Timo Werner making an exit trip but the Blues have chosen to keep him for another spell

Chelsea were disappointed to see Timo Werner misfiring most of his chances and also missing sitters.

Unlike the Timo Werner they saw at Leipzig who netted goals back to back and did contest for top spot alongside Robert Lewandowski, Timo was disappointedly limited to just little goals after completing move to Chelsea.

Although it’s normal for players who just moved to new leagues to have little problems adapting to their first season. Werner’s case wasn’t an exception.

But one thing which can’t be written off is his contributions towards the team’s achievement last season.

Werner missed plenty of scoring chances but still yet did provide a convincing number of assists. 6 goals and 8 assists in 35 Premier League games.

With this in check, the Chelsea board aren’t writing off the German so soon as they have reportedly slowed down on their quest to land a new striker.

According to sources closer to the club, the player will get one more season to prove his worth before Chelsea will decide to ask him or not.

Robert Lewandowski is an alternative name the club is considering should things no go as planned.

Tammy Abraham is another proven scorer in the squad but with exit links around his waist, it appears the club may be playing to let him go already.



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