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2 Key Areas Where Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale Is Better Than Chelsea’s Edouard Mendy

The Standard metric unit for the performance of Goalkeepers is clean sheets. Just like how goal is for Strikers. No one really cares about how many shots of a Striker hits the target, the baseline is how much was through into the net. It’s also the same for Goalkeepers too, Fans aren’t really bothered about the number of saves a Goalkeeper made in a game. At the end, it’s whether he was able to keep a clean sheet that matters most.

This season in the English premier league, Chelsea’s Edouard Mendy has kept 6 clean sheets in 10 league appearances which is the highest that any Goalkeeper has kept in the league this season. He also lead Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale who has 5 clean sheets in 8 appearances for the Gunners this campaign.

On paper, Edouard Mendy is already a better Goalkeeper than Aaron Ramsdale but it’s not just about clean sheets. Don’t get me wrong, Edouard Mendy has been a literal wall in Chelsea Defense this season but there are some key areas that Senegalese Shot-stopper is trailing Aaron Ramsdale.

Aaron Ramsdale’s £30million move to Arsenal during the last summer Transfer window was placed under a microscopic lens. Many weren’t happy with the move and you can’t really blame his critics.

Aaron Ramsdale came to Arsenal after suffering back-to-back relegations at Bournemouth and Sheffield United. It didn’t also helped that Arsenal spent the first three weekends of the 2021/22 Premier league season in the relegation zone. However, since the Englishman made his Arsenal debut, he has been an integral part of Arsenal’s revolutionary in the league.

Arsenal remained undefeated in the English premier league since Ramsdale made his debut. 6 wins, 2 draws, 5 clean sheets and 4 goals concession have lifted Arsenal from the bottom of the table to the fifth position ahead Manchester United.

What are the key factors that has made Aaron Ramsdale won over his critics?

1. His Ball distributions

Aaron Ramsdale has been praised because of his saves but he’s just equally good with his feet. His passing accuracy wasn’t noticed or put to good use at Sheffield United but at club like Arsenal that requires playing out from the back instead of just loading the ball into the middle of the park, the attribute was put into good use.

Thomas Tuchel’s system at Chelsea also involves playing out from home and building the attack from the back but Edouard Mendy rarely contribute to that due to his poor distributions. Chelsea Fans know that Kepa Arrizabalaga’s ball distribution is more accurate than Edouard Mendy’s.

2. Aaron Ramsdale makes accurate long range passings

If you have watched Edouard Mendy when he plays goal-kicks, like most Goalkeepers, he just fires the ball aimlessly into the field. This is however different from the way Aaron Ramsdale makes his long passings. He has repeatedly shown precision and accuracy when he plays goal-kicks and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang is usually his target whenever Ramsdale launches the ball.

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