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Why Antonio Rudiger Deserves To Be Paid £400,000 Per Week

If you had asked me and many other Chelsea fans a couple of years back whether Antonio Rudiger deserved to be the club’s fourth highest paid player, we would have said no.

However, no one can make the argument that Rudiger is not among Chelsea’s top five players in terms of impact under Thomas Tuchel at the moment.

Rudiger is currently one of Europe’s best defenders, and if he receives his desired £400k per week, he will become Chelsea’s highest paid player, which I believe is completely fair.

Chelsea’s current top 3 highest earners, according to Sportrac:

Romelu Lukaku- £325,000

N’Golo Kante – £290,000.

Timo Werner- £272,000.

Rudiger is one of the team’s most senior and influential players, and I don’t think you can buy that. Look at the clubs that are interested in signing Rudiger if he does not sign a new contract with Chelsea. Almost every major European club wants him.

I don’t believe Rudiger and his team’s request for £400k is unjustified for the caliber of player he is; I believe it’s a reasonable request, despite the fact that it’s far more than what he currently earns.

At Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku earns £325k per week to score goals. So, when you think about it, I don’t think it’s a good idea to pay more for someone to stop opponents from scoring.

Experienced central defenders don’t grow on trees, and Rudiger is one of the finest in the world right now

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