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This Feeling: Heer!!! He B()Nk H3r Hard In The P00l And Almost Got Her Drowned

As usual after 31st night, people resume their normal life. it always sound as if everybody will be an angle like, after which, when 31st approaches.

But we wonder where this ideologies goes after 31st. Everybody resumes their  default life when the day past,

Few we cant prove stick to their mind sets.

What brought about this article is as usual our SHS students and what they does best.

we’ve come across a video fast trending on the internet.

From the video it’s clearly seen a guy seriously b()nking a female friend in a pool.

We always wonder what get into their heads for them to embark on such shameful act.

Its clearly proved they do not need advices anymore so we also await them to be publishing every l3aks they drop.


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