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Breaking News From Stamford Bridge As Chelsea Boss Barred From Living In Britain For Life

The breaking news from Stamford Bridge today is not a sweet one to Chelsea fans as the president of the club has been barred from Britain for life.

Roman Abramovich is a Russian national. He owns company Millhouse LLC, a private investment. In 2003 he bought Chelsea. With a massive cash injection from Abramovich, the club transformed into a giant on the world football stage.

After taking over Chelsea, the club has won 18 major trophies including the European Champions League twice, the English Premier League five times and has won the FA Cup five times.

2018, Chelsea halted plans to build a new $680-million stadium following the delay by the UK government to renew Abramovich’s UK visa. The reason his visa was not renewed the UK government was not happy with links to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Abramovich had applied for a British Tier 1 investor visa in 2018, but he quickly withdrew his application because the UK government found out that he have links with the Russian government

Abramovich eventually returned to the UK in 2021.

With the looming World War 3, the West is panicking putting sanctions against Russia, and Abramovich is caught in the crossfire because of his relationship with Putin

He has reportedly been banned from living in Britain ever again with his numerous assets to be frozen by the UK government in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine due to his links with the Russian government.


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