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Broja And 2 More Striker Options In Chelsea's Squad After Lukaku's Departure

As per multiple reliable sources, Romelu Lukaku is off to Inter Milan on a loan deal until June 2023.

While Lukaku did not have any positive impact for Chelsea last season, some fans are wondering who is going to replace him as the starting striker.

Tribuna user Seyi Oyekanmi asked: "Please do we have any replacement or are there any plans for a replacement?"

Let's take a look at three players within the squad who can fill in for Lukaku next season.

Kai Havertz

Havertz is the most obvious choice to be the starting striker for Chelsea. He played at that position a lot of times last season with Lukaku being on the bench.

As per WhoScored, Havertz started 23 games as the centre-forward, scoring 10 goals and assisting three more. That was his best position for the team in his first two campaigns with the team.

While Havertz is not as physical as someone like Erling Haaland, his passing and pace make him a good option and he should be able to perform better as the CF if Chelsea sign a creative winger like Ousmane Dembele.

Timo Werner

Werner was bought in 2020 to address Chelsea's goalscoring issues. Sadly, he has not been able to be

a reliable scorer so far but Lukaku's absence opens up a place for him in the starting XI.

Werner had 11 goals and one assist in 21 appearances as the centre-forward last season for club and country. While he is still inconsistent, the chance to start at his preferred position next to someone like Havertz should better his game.

The German striker started only 15 Premier League games last season and since the next campaign could be make or break for him at Chelsea, some faith might go a long way - remember, he scored 30-plus goals for Leipzig as the main forward in 2019/20.

Moreover, Werner performed very well for his national team as he scored seven goals in just eight starts for them last season. It seems like just a matter of using him correctly at Chelsea.

Armando Broja

Broja is best-suited to be a direct striker replacement for Lukaku. He scored six goals in 21 starts for Southampton and while he does need to be more consistent to keep starting for Chelsea, the talent is there for all to see.

The Albanian striker is physical, tall and good in the air. Reece James and Ben Chilwell could have a great time feeding him the ball in the centre of the box.

Moreover, a lot of clubs are interested in taking Broja and giving him a few starts would assure the striker that Thomas Tuchel has a plan for him. Aged just 20, his best years are ahead of him and Chelsea would do well to keep him in the team.

Who is your preferred option? Let us know down below!


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