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Azpilicueta Explains to Chelsea New Owners During Dinner why Strikers don’t Perform at Chelsea

Chelsea have been known to be a team where world class strikers failed to thrive. Reasons thy that happen most times is they might have been past their prime (Torres), they might not fit the current team (Lukaku) or they might not do well with the pace of the premier League (Timo Werner).

With that said Chelsea captain Cesar azpilicueta made it known to some new owners of Chelsea (remember

Chelsea was bought with a Consortium which Todd Boehly led, so definitely Chelsea has other owner’s aside him) why Strikers failed to perform when they join we the club.

In his words he said the pressure was the main reason they failed to perform which is right because whenever Chelsea buy the strikers that end up not performing try here is always insane amount of pressure on them.

Do you support what Jorginho said about why strikers fails to perform whenever Chelsea signs them? Let’s know your thoughts in the discussion box Below. Gracias.

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