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Security Guard Who Went Missing In Wa Found Dead In A Shocking Circumstance -See Photos

Sad news as the missing security man at Nuur ventures was found dead and buried behind the blue hill. He was at night post at Nuur ventures. The people of the Upper West Region have expressed their views based on what happened just last week.

It is so sad that the people of the Upper West Region are becoming helpless in the fight against the mysterious recent killings. They said this is foreign to the natural setting of the region.

Some have lost confidence and said this is beyond the capacity apparatus they have in the region unless they seek divine intervention. The reason has been that the region has recorded almost 10 mysterious deaths now and security is unable to unfold at least one cause of these deaths.

In addition, they have expressed their emotions that may those behind this never know peace in their lives. Also, the attitude of them being carelessness about their neighborhood is not the best and need to change their lives for their own security.


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