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BREAKING NEWS: CCTV Captures The Person Who Stole Two-week Baby From Hospital At Abura Dunkwa; Video Released and Causes Massive Stir -WATCH VIDEO

A two-week-old baby boy has been stolen from his mother at Abura Dunkwa government hospital in the Central Region while the mother was receiving treatment.

The incident happened Friday, October 28, 2022.

According to the mother, Monica Turkson, who lives in Abura Tuakwa, she visited her mother at Edumfa after giving birth. She said while there, the suspected baby thief(a soap seller) who’s known to her came to the house to witness the good news and presented a bar of soap as a gift to the baby.

Stolen baby

She said she was supposed to go with her mother to the hospital for treatment, but the suspect decided to be a good samaritan to her by escorting her to the hospital hence, stopped her mother.

The nursing mother explained that she gave the two weeks baby boy to the said soap seller when they got to the hospital while she went for treatment, but after her treatment, she came back and the suspect was nowhere to be found.

“l told her to wait for me in the visitors’ room but she told me they’re hanging around so that the baby doesn’t cry. But l didn’t know she was planning to run away with my baby.” she disclosed to Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan in an interview.

The case has since been reported to Abura Dunkwa Police station for investigations

Meanwhile, police are on a manhunt for the suspect woman.

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