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National Teaching Council Introduced New Reforms; Two New Subjects To Be Added -Check Details Here

National Teaching Council Introduced New Reforms; Two New Subjects To Be Added.

NTC, , is the body mandated by the Constitution to issue teaching license to qualified teachers in Ghana.This body has introduced massive reforms in the examination modalities that are so important that as a practicing or aspiring teacher we need to know about.

Every successful candidate in the examination receives a professional teacher’s license, which testifies to the entire world that the holder has met all the standards for the profession.

The examination since its inception in 2018 has aimed at identifying suitable candidates who are qualified and worthy of the professional certificate.

The first examination was conducted in 2018 and has been running since then. There are two sittings for the exam in a year, and each exam consists of three papers, Numeracy, Literacy and Essential Skills.

Even though this exam was carried out smoothly, there is the need to evaluate it against its original purpose, identify some of the emerging challenges and then improve upon the performance of the whole policy.

The regular purpose of the Council was to ensure that each qualified and licensed teacher has the knowledge, values, attitudes and skills necessary to facilitate learning.Their purpose is to improve the quality of teachers delivery and student’s performance.

On this not, the NTC decided to implement new reforms that will help improve the conduct of the examination and deal with the current challenges and future challenges expected under the new reform.

The three papers, Numeracy, Literacy, and Essential Skills will be put together in one paper called General Paper.

Two other papers will be added. We have the Related Pedagogy and Teaching Subject Based paper.

The pedagogy has to with the arts, the science and profession of teaching. It examines the styles, feedback, assessments and the different methods of teaching.

Teaching Subject Based paper, will examine the proficiency of teachers in their areas of specialization. Each of the subject or each of the specialization has its own proficiency and this particular paper is to ensure that the teacher has the proficiency in this particular specialization.

These reforms are to take effect from March 2023.This means that the first edition of the examination in 2023 will start with these new reforms.

It also means that the last batch to write the Examination using the old curriculum will be those candidates who will be sitting for the second edition of the exam this year.

If you are preparing for the exams this year, Continue preparing with the materials that you have.

This is their first major reform. But this particular reform is actually taking the policy to a whole new dimension.

Additionally, the examination is going to be computer based, it’s no more going to be a paper based test and this is going to shift attention to technology.

And this reform is also going to make sure that teachers are not mis-assigned. if a teacher did not study study a subject, the teacher has the option to go and sit and write in that specific area. Passing the subject based paper means you have the requisite knowledge to teach it confidently.

So this reform will give teachers the flexibility. If you feel you can handle a particular subject, all you need to do is to sit and write and then NTC will issue you with a license certifying that you can actually handle that particular subject.



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