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I See Nothing Wrong With Doing Yansh Surgery – Becca Causes Stir

Singer Rebecca Acheampong, popularly known as Becca, has strayed even more from her natural 
African woman persona as she now declares there’s nothing wrong with undergoing surgery on your yansh.

Becca has been getting a lot of questions about her backside which looks bigger with each passing day.

The singer replied to those curious that she hasn’t had any surgery done on her body.

Becca added that she sees nothing wrong with surgery – she just hasn’t had her body done.

Sharing a photo with a close look at her bum bum, Becca wrote: “I don’t mind surgery at all. But these are not!!! Stop asking me!!!”

Celebrities now undergo body enhancement surgery like it’s nothing, with many major celebrities admitting to it.

Becca says she’s not done it yet, but nothing would stop her from doing so when she decides.

A far cry from the African woman who shot to stardom!

Check Becca’s post below…


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